Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community

For the 11th edition of the Nikkei Chronicles, we invite you to submit your stories on Nikkei food–how Nikkei use local ingredients, cooking techniques, and tastes to create their own versions of Japanese food. We are particularly interested in sharing Nikkei family and community stories behind favorite recipes. 

Submit “Itadakimasu 3!” stories by September 30, 2022

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Drawing the Line: Japanese American Art, Design & Activism in Post-War Los Angeles

The exhibition, Drawing the Line: Japanese American Art, Design & Activism in Post-War Los Angeles, is on view at the Japanese American National Museum from October 15, 2011 through February 19, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing the Line explores the cultural resonance of several key Japanese American artists in …


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Nima-kai Community

Join the Discover Nikkei global community, where our Nima connect and share! Our Nima-kai community includes people around the world interested in learning about and sharing the Nikkei experience. Meet some of our Nima:

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Nima of the Month

gilasakawa (Denver, Colorado, United States)

Gil Asakawa is a journalist, editor, author, and blogger who covers Japan, Japanese American, and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) culture and social justice issues in blogs, articles, and social media. He is a nationally-known speaker, panelist, and expert on Japanese American and Asian American history and identity. He’s the author of the recently published Tabemasho! Let’s Eat!: A Tasty History of Japanese Food in America and Being Japanese American.

Gil has been contributing articles to our website since 2009. In addition, he’s participated as a moderator for past Discover Nikkei programs—“From Newsprint to New Media: The Evolving Role of Nikkei Newspapers” program in Los Angeles (April 2011) and What Is Nikkei Food?” (February 2022). He will be interviewed in the upcoming Nima Voices: Episode 10 with guest host Nancy Matsumoto on October 25, and will be serving as moderator of the upcoming conversation with Nikkei chefs from Brazil, Peru, and the United States—stay tuned for details!

Gil is also part of Discover Nikkei’s Editorial Committee for the Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community special series. He was previously a member of the editorial committees for Nikkei-go: The Language of Family, Community, and Culture and was named Nima of the Month in April 2011.

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