James Smith

James Smith joined Heddels in 2016 and became the features editor in 2019. He is a fan of all things Japanese, but especially the country's take on Americana clothing - from early workwear to mid-century sportswear and beyond.

Updated June 2022

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Akashi-Kama: Inspired by Japanese-Americans. Created for Everyone.

The clothing world is full of western brands making Japanese-inspired clothes and Japanese brands making American clothes, but very few brands seamlessly sew East and West together in a tangible and authentic way. Enter: AKASHI-KAMA. AKASHI-KAMA is a Japanese-American brand and the brainchild of Alec Nakashima. Founded in 2018, AKASHI-KAMA aims to create high-quality garments that blend traditional Japanese patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes with modern, minimal streetwear style. Having recently partnered with AKASHI-KAMA for our Heddels+ program, we’re taking a moment to ta…

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