Susie Ling

Susie Ling was born in Taiwan and raised in the Philippines. She is Associate Professor of Asian American Studies and History at Pasadena City College. Susie is editor of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California's Gum Saan Journal.

Updated August 2022

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Maryknoll Sanatorium in Monrovia, California

In 1912 Los Angeles, Leo Kumataro Hatakeyama, a Catholic veteran of the Russo-Japanese War, wrote to his bishop in Japan that he wanted to confess his sins by registered mail as he could not find a priest in his area who could understand his native Japanese language. Instead, Hakodate Bishop Alexander Berlioz, MEP sent Japanese-speaking Fr. Albert Breton to serve the 50 or so Catholic Japanese in Los Angeles. This mission work would be handed over to the Maryknoll Fathers in 1921. The Japanese Catholic Center remains active at 222 S. Hewitt Street in Little Tokyo. Maryknoll is the first Cath…

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