Meiry Mayumi Onohara

Meiry Mayumi Onohara received a degree in Letters and Accounting from the Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil, and she is currenly a Master's student in Accounting at the same university. She is a Nisei on her father's side and a Sansei on her mother's side. Her father is from Saga-ken and her mother's family came from Kobe. She used to be a Portuguese language teacher, but today she manages the family business.

Updated May 2022

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Nikkei Chronicles #11—Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community

Japanese-Brazilian Food: Japanese Cuisine with a Brazilian Touch

I grew up in a Japanese-Brazilian environment in which my father is an Issei and my mother is a Nissei. However, living in Brazil with a family that has Japanese customs you will have an identity crisis because you don't fit in anywhere or you will have the best of both worlds. In my case, I only see advantages in this cultural diversity, especially with regard to food. For those who don't know Japanese cuisine, you don't know what gastronomy is. Just like those who don't know Brazilian cuisine. Brazil is a geographically large country so there is diversity in terms of a lot of spices, veget…

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The Nikkei community in Uberlândia: dispersed or uninterested?

I was born in São Gotardo, a Brazilian city in the interior of Minas Gerais, where there is still a large presence of Japanese descendants. It is a city in national reference known for the production of carrots, potatoes and garlic. Among these producers, most are Nikkei who have contributed and diversified activities in the countryside—in addition to generating many jobs in this region. I remember there was a nihonjinkai that featured festivals like the Undokai and Hana Matsuri, where Japanese immigrant families gathered. I remember that there were also the baseball, softball a…

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