Deborah Southern

Deborah Southern is an Asian Studies major at Occidental College, class of 2011. She is originally from Rochester, New York, but enjoys the diversity of Los Angeles. Deborah enjoys visiting Little Tokyo and eating Japanese cuisine, especially Ramen.

Updated May 2009

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles

The Aihara Family

Doug Aihara, a third generation Japanese American, considers his family to be a “J-town family.” When he lived in Boyle Heights as a child, he and his family went into Little Tokyo at least once a week to buy their groceries and enjoy the community’s company and festivities. “You couldn’t even get rice outside of Little Tokyo, except for Uncle Ben’s… but that just doesn’t hold well for sushi” says Doug. Little Tokyo was the center of Japanese culture in Los Angeles. Japanese products and businesses couldn’t be found elsewhere. Doug …

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