Susan Zimmerman

Susan Zimmerman is a magazine writer and journalist based in St. Louis, Missouri. She specializes in history, travel, and nature topics for publications worldwide. Over the past several decades her work has taken her on journeys from South Africa to the Svalbard Archipelago. Her passion for unusual stories has led her down many a road untraveled, covering cheetah conservation in Namibia to glacier trekking in Iceland. An assignment about the devastation left by battles toward the end of World War II across Finnmark, Norway in northernmost Europe, led to an enduring search for writing about the untold stories of that era. For her article on the Japanese American Internment she spent endless hours researching archives to piece together the truth of this tragic history.

Updtaed June 2022

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In Search of Loyalty — The Munson Memos

In the fall of 1941 as relations worsened between the U.S. and Japan, and war became imminent, the presence of 110,000 Japanese Americans living on the West Coast pushed the issue of internment to the forefront. President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to know where their allegiances stood in the event of a war and tasked John Franklin Carter, the head of his newly-formed White House intelligence and “fact finding” operation with the assignment. Carter tapped his lead agent Curtis B. Munson to get answers. The question over loyalties and internment was a ticking time bomb. * * * * …

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