Erin Yoshioka

Erin Yoshioka is a freelance writer/artist. She has published work on the California Three Strikes Law/incarceration system and on renewable energy. She has organized with Literacy for Environmental Justice and the Department of Public Health. She currently is a member of the Trust Your Struggle Artist Collective, residing in New York.

Updated Summer 2008

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Nikkei Heritage

Interview with David Suzuki

“Nature is our home. And just as we take care of our house, we also must take care of nature,” renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, ranked Canada’s greatest living countryman in a public broadcasting poll, explained to Nikkei Heritage. “Nature takes care of us too. Nature cleans our air and water, makes the soil that grows our food, and provides the resources to make all our material goods. “When you have a large victory in the Environmental Movement, it is temporary. Environmental predators continually seek to utilize and destroy nature for monetary gain,&rd…

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