Celebrating 18 years in NYC! $0.60 for Traditional Tokyo-style Ramen

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Aug 201820 Aug 201824

Rai Rai Ken East Village
218 EAST 10TH ST. NEW YORK, NY 10003
NYC, New York, 10003
United States

Join us at Rai Rai Ken in the East Village to celebrate our 18th year of bringing traditional Tokyo-style Japanese ramen to NYC.  Our loyal customers have been with us since 2000 and have made our growth possible. Please come enjoy our authentic Tokyo-style Shoyu Ramen at 60¢ per bowl.

Our restaurant is named after the original Rai Rai Ken, an iconic restaurant in Asakusa that opened in 1910 by Kanichi Ozaki. This restaurant revolutionized ramen in creating the iconic dish the world enjoys today, adding new toppings and flavors and serving the first Shoyu, or soy sauce-flavored, ramen at the price of 60sen (60銭).

In honor of this legacy, and inspired by the roadside ramen shop and masterful noodle-making in the 1985 film Tampopo, we set out to bring the same authenticity, flavor, and quality to New York City. Rai Rai Ken, one of the first specialty ramen shops in New York City opened in 2000. 

To show our appreciation to the community that helped us grow from a small store, which is now home to Hi-Collar, to our current and larger space, we would like to offer our signature Shoyu Ramen in recognition of our proud history. This anniversary special will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, to the first 30 customers every day for 5 days: Monday, August 20, 2018 thru Friday, August 24, 2018.(East Village location only)

Our history inspires us, and our love for our craft continues.  We can’t wait to keep sharing our passion for ramen with you. 


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