BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20180712T000000Z DTEND:20180715T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The Eaton Collection will be on display at JAMsj from July 12 t o July 15th\, from 12pm to 4pm each day.\n\nWhile conducting research for a book about art and craft objects created by Japanese Americans during Wo rld War II\, author <span style="background-color: initial\;">Allen Hend ershott Eaton amassed a significant collection of such camp artifacts. Mo re than 60 years later\, in 2015\, a controversial  <span style="backgrou nd-color: initial\;">attempt by a private party to auction the artifacts was averted by Japanese American community leaders and activists. Ultimat ely\,  <span style="background-color: initial\;">the Eaton Collection was transferred to the Japanese American National Museum for safekeeping and conservation.  <span style="background-color: initial\;">The museum is no w actively seeking input from the community about the items in the collect ion through a traveling pop-up  <span style="background-color: initial\;" >display and accompanying workshops. The display includes physical or digi tal representation of every item in the collection— <span style="backgro und-color: initial\;">more than 400 individual photographs\, sculptures\, paintings and watercolors\, jewelry items\, vases\, beads\, nameplates\,  <span style="background-color: initial\;">and other items handmade by Jap anese Americans while enduring incarceration in the WWII camps. Contested Histories is  <span style="background-color: initial\;">intended to help gather information about each individual object so that the museum’s eff orts to preserve and catalog the  <span style="background-color: initial\ ;">collection can be as complete as possible. Camp survivors\, their famil y members\, and friends are encouraged to share with  <span style="backgr ound-color: initial\;">JANM information they know or remember about the ob jects\, including who is depicted in the many photographs.  <span style=" background-color: initial\;">Visit <a href=" ontested-histories/"></a> for more information about the Eaton Collection\, the pop-up display\, and travel schedule.\nJ apanese American Museum of San Jose\n 535 North Fifth Street\n San Jose\, CA 95112\nJoin us for a brief workshop on July 12 at 6pm to discover and i nteract with the history of the pop-up collection.\nViewing and workshop f ree with museum admission:\n JAMsj Members: Free\n Adults: $8\n Seniors (6 5 and older with valid ID): $5\n Students (with valid ID): $5\n Children ( under 5): Free \n Active Military &amp\; Family: Free DTSTAMP:20231209T223107Z SUMMARY:Contested Histories URL:/en/events/2018/07/12/contested-histories/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR