BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20220519T000000Z DTEND:20220519T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong><span style="color: #c21313\;">FREE</strong>\n\n<strong ><span style="color: #c21313\;"><a href=" /9644p/tickets?tab=2&amp\;txobjid=f39de792-d32f-4718-854c-3d08ad409f40">RS VP</a></strong>\n\nJapanese Americans returning from World War II incarcer ation camps rebuilt their community in L.A.’s Crenshaw area. In this epi sode\, we walk through Little Tokyo\, explore the archives at the Japanese American National Museum\, share a meal at historic Tak’s Cafe\, shoot hoops at Dorsey High and consider how the neighborhood’s diverse history intersects with community-building efforts today. The screening will be f ollowed by a Q&amp\;A with those featured in the episode including <stron g>Kristen Hayashi </strong>(JANM)\, <strong>Nobuko Miyamoto\,</strong>  and <strong>Nick Nagatani</strong>\, moderated by <strong>Mikey Hirano C ulrass </strong>(Rafu Shimpo).\n\nPresented by KCET\, <a href="https://w">"Lost LA"</a> explores the past through the re gion's archives\, where photos\, documents\, and other rare artifacts unlo ck the untold history behind the fantasy of Southern California. Hosted by writer and public historian Nathan Masters of the USC Libraries\, each ep isode of "Lost LA" brings the primary sources of history to the screen in surprising new ways. Much of L.A.'s past is lost to history\, but through the region's archives\, we can uncover the inspiring dreams and bitter rea lities that built the modern-day metropolis. DTSTAMP:20230924T223605Z SUMMARY:Screening and Q&amp\;A—Lost LA: From Little Tokyo to Crenshaw URL:/en/events/2022/05/19/screening-and-qampalost-la-from-little-tokyo-t/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR