BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20220729T000000Z DTEND:20220729T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong><span style="color: #c21313\;">FREE</strong>\n\n<strong ><span style="color: #c21313\;"><a href=" g">Watch</a></strong>\n\nThe 2010 JANM exhibition\, <a href="https://www."><em>Textured Lives</em></a>\, was born fr om a gift by Barbara Kawakami to JANM’s permanent collection of beautifu l plantation-era clothing. Kawakami started her formal studies of these te xtiles and clothing at the age of 53. Now at 100\, she is still a noted au thor\, historian\, and storyteller who has dedicated much of her life to r esearching and sharing the untold stories of Issei women working on planta tions in Hawai’i. “Barbara Kawakami: A Textured Life” was produced b y the Watase Media Arts Center in conjunction with <em>Textured Lives</em >.\n\nJoin us for a discussion and Q&amp\;A on Kawakami’s research\, sto rytelling\, and legacy with <strong>Fay Toyama</strong> (Educator and Ba rbara Kawakami’s daughter) and other special guests from the exhibition! \n\n<strong>“Barbara Kawakami: A Textured Life” is available to stream starting July 1st on <a href="">JANM ’s YouTube Channel</a>.</strong>\n\n<em>The JANM 30th Anniversary Digita l Film Festival (JDFF) highlights works produced by the Emmy Award winning  <a href="">Frank H. Watase Media Arts Cen ter</a> through virtual screenings and live Q&amp\;A sessions with those involved with the films. This program is part of our <a href="https://www">30th Anniversary Celebrations</a>.</em> \n\nPurchase the DVD\, Textured Lives: Stories from the Plantations of Haw ai’i\, that contains this film and others at the <a href="https://janms d">JANM Store</a>.\n\n<em><strong>We are thankful for the generosity of ou r members and audiences whose support allows us to continue to provide fre e and accessible programming.</strong> Please donate what you can or beco me a member today by visiting <a href="">janm.or g/give</a>.</em>\n\nABOUT THE FILM:\n“Barbara Kawakami: A Textured Life ” (2010) is a portrait of Barbara Kawakami who─ after growing up on a plantation and working for over three decades as a seamstress\, and enteri ng college for the first time at the age of fifty-three ─ went on to unc over the lost history of Hawai'i's early Japanese picture brides. The film was produced as part of the exhibition\, <a href=" xhibits/texturedlives/media/"><em>Textured Lives: Japanese Immigrant Cloth ing from the Plantations of Hawai’i</em></a>.\n\n DTSTAMP:20231209T053140Z SUMMARY:JANM 30th Anniversary Digital Film Festival—Barbara Kawakami: A T extured Life URL:/en/events/2022/07/29/janm-30th-anniversary-digital-film-festivalbarbar / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR