BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20220716T000000Z DTEND:20220716T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Saturday\, July 16\, 2pm and 5pm\n\nhttps://www.japansociety.or g/arts-and-culture/exhibitions/tipping-utopia-toward-kazuko-miyamoto-5pm\n \nThis newly commissioned performance brings to life the works on view in  <em><a href=" azuko-miyamoto">Kazuko Miyamoto: To perform a line</a></em> (exhibition n ow extended through July 24). <strong>Yoshiko Chuma</strong>\, conceptual performing artist\, dancer\, choreographer and director of The School of Hard Knocks\, combines movement and improvised music\, erasing the boundar ies between onstage and backstage\, and between artistic practices. In 197 9\, Chuma performed among Miyamoto’s string constructions installed as p art of the artist’s solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery (<em>Yoshiko Chuma in Kazuko Miyamoto: A Girl on Trail Dinosaur</em>). Now\, Chuma reconnect s with Miyamoto through this event\, which runs throughout the entire gall ery space. The performance also features three musicians: double bassist  <strong>Robert Black</strong>\, viola and violinist <strong>Jason Kao Hwa ng</strong> and trombonist <strong>Christopher McIntyre</strong>.\n\nCon cept and direction by Yoshiko Chuma\, Artistic Director of The School of H ard Knocks.\n\nFree with Gallery Admission\n\nPerformers\n<strong>Yoshiko Chuma</strong>\, conceptual artist\, choreographer and director\n\n<stron g>Robert Black</strong>\, double base\n\n<strong>Jason Kao Hwang</strong> \, violin/viola\n\n<strong>Christopher McIntyre</strong>\, trombone\n\n< strong>Yoshiko Chuma</strong> is a conceptual artist\, choreographer and artistic director of The School of Hard Knocks\, founded to create experim ental\, multidisciplinary\, and multimedia work. A firebrand in the post-m odern dance scene of New York City since establishing her company in 1980\ , Chuma produces thought-provoking and category-defying work that is neith er dance nor theater nor film. Chuma has performed in over 40 countries th roughout the United States\, East and Central Europe\, Asia\, Middle East\ , and South America and with over 2\,000 collaborators\, from street perfo rmance to formal theater and dance concerts to large-scale spectacles. Not able international performers involved in The School of Hard Knocks includ e Stephen Petronio\, Vicky Schick\, Jodi Melnick\, David Zambrano\, Sasha Waltz\, Sarah Michelson\, DD Dorvillier\, Allyson Green\, Miraim Parker\, Simon Courchel\, John Jasperse and David Dorfman\, among others.\n\n<stron g>Robert Black</strong> tours the world creating unheard-of music for the double bass\, collaborating with artists in all disciplines. He has been the Bang on a Can All-Stars bassist since their inception. Current project s include First Fridays with Robert Black – a monthly series of streamed bass recitals\, a 10-channel audio/video bass installation reflecting on the Anthropocene with sound-artists Brian House and Sue Huang\, and an out door environmental work for 24 basses with composer Eve Beglarian. He foun ded and directed the Robert Black Foundation Trust\, a not-for-profit orga nization whose mission is to support contemporary musical arts activities in all possible manifestations.\n\nThe music of <strong>Jason Kao Hwang</ strong> (violin/viola) explores the vibrations and language of his histor y. His most recent releases\, The Human Rites Trio and Conjure\, as well a s his 2015 have received critical acclaim. In 2020\, 2019\, 2018\, 2013 an d 2012\, the El Intruso International Jazz Critics Poll voted him #1 for V iolin/Viola. The 2012 Downbeat Jazz Critics’ Poll voted Mr. Hwang as Ris ing Star for Violin. He has worked with William Parker\, Anthony Braxton\, Butch Morris\, Reggie Workman\, Pauline Oliveros\, and many others.\n\n<s trong>Christopher McIntyre</strong> performs on trombone and electronics in various musical contexts (from improvisative to interpretive) within th e protean NYC music community. He is Director and Co-Founder of Brooklyn ’s TILT Brass\, curates programs for Either/Or Ensemble\, teaches contem porary brass chamber music at Mannes School of Music at The New School\, a nd frequently performs in groups such as TILT\, Either/Or\, SEM and Talea Ensembles\, among many others. He can be heard on recordings released by N ew World\, Tzadik\, XI\, Mode\, Edition Modern\, POTTR\, zOaR\, and Non-Si te Records. McIntyre has contributed to the broad revival of composer Juli us Eastman’s music\, having transcribed and/or created several score rea lizations since 2006. He also composes his own music for various media and instrumental forces\, often employing creative systems suggested by the w ork of visual artists (particularly Robert Smithson.)\n\nPhoto Credit: Pho tography by <strong>Jacob Burkhardt</strong> DTSTAMP:20230922T055231Z SUMMARY:Tipping Utopia Toward Kazuko Miyamoto URL:/en/events/2022/07/16/tipping-utopia-toward-kazuko-miyamoto/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR