“Equal as a human being”

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And if there’s ever a difficult group, it’s a bunch of veterans that have fought through wars, [laughs] because you’re never gonna be able to push them around at all, you’re never go be able to push them one iota to the left or to the right, forward or backward, if they don’t want to move, they’re not gonna move and they’re gonna tell you so. So I think, and to a great degree, I think, many of the great success stories of the 100th, members of the 100th, 442nd, come from that very trait of being to be able to look anybody in the eye and be able to say I’m you’re equal. May not be talent wise, or otherwise, but I’m you’re equal as a human being.

Date: August 28, 1995
Location: California, US
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

100th 442nd veterans

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