Japanese Hospital: My Father & Mother

Japanese Hospital: My Father & Mother About her father Maryknoll Sanitarium Beach & America World War II Incarceration

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Yes I do recall the Japanese Hospital on the First and Fickett I guess there was need for it - to serve the Japanese community and perhaps just like any generation, they’re kind of, you know, afraid or skeptical of…maybe and they can’t speak the language. I think the Japanese Hospital probably had a really great role because of the fact that it serviced the Japanese community and so probably if they lived in Torrance or Santa Ana…or Gardena or wherever – West L.A./East L.A., they came to the Japanese Hospital probably because they felt more comfortable. My father worked at Turner Street Hospital and also at the Japanese Hospital on Fickett Street. My father was a general practitioner but it says…physician and surgeon, that’s right that’s what it says. Well, my mother came from Kaui, Hawaii, and she came for the purpose of becoming a nurse, but she happened to go to the Turner Street Hospital and evidently it wasn’t a nursing school and so she worked there and that’s where they met. All the doctors and the nurses and their families…you know they used to all…they used to party a lot. And they used to have picnics, etc. I remember one picnic specifically because the doctors were putting on a skit and they had a background and they all were dressed in surgical whatever and then there was a gurney, and the reason why I remember it is because my father was the one that’s on the gurney. And his abdomen was huge and I guess it was a lot of – it was a skit, and so you know, they’re cutting him up etc. around the side and everything and they’re pulling out whatever balloons, etc. you know and, I guess as a child I was, you know, scare that they’re hurting my father, you know.

Date: February 3, 2010
Location: California, US
Interviewer: Eiko Masuyama, Carole Fujita, Yoko Nishimura
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

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