Advantages of living in Japan (Portuguese)

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(Portuguese )

The advantage is that we have whatever you can imagine; everything is easier here, ya know? In financial terms, everything is secure ... There’s no doubt that if you work here, you’re going to have your money, and it won’t be difficult as long as you do some work. Once you’ve worked at your job, it's all smooth sailing.

Now in Brazil things are different, ya know ... It's ... It’s a great country, see, I like Brazil very much, but the disadvantage is that Brazil oscillates a lot, has ups and downs, ya know what I mean? So what happens is that if you have a trade and you’re in a good position, suddenly there comes a crisis and if you go down it’s hard to get back on your feet again. So, in Brazil … I believe that in Japan it’s easier, ya know?

The economy here is more stable, even with this ... this ... this ... this crisis, ya know, but here things can pick up faster, know what I mean? It's a “fast-paced country,” ya know … It’s a ... It's a system that’s – it's different from Brazil, see? It’s easier for you to get back up on your feet.

Date: October 19, 2016
Location: Gunma, Japan
Interviewer: Shigeru Kojima
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

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