Relationship with my father

Relationship with my father Family life in a Japanese Canadian internment camp in Slocan

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My father started [inaudible -- problem with tape] what was Woodward's at the time, and lived, grew up there until I was almost high-school age, and then we moved up to Powell Street on Main, another rooming house. [Interruption] Well, my father used to take me to the ballgames, 'cause he had no boys. And so, I guess, from the time I was about eight or nine, he'd take me to the ballgame and sit me on a bench and buy me a bag of peanuts, and he'd forget about me. But I soon caught on. [Laughs] And then I started to play softball at school, so always a tomboy.

Date: October 21, 2004
Location: Toronto, Canada
Interviewer: Terry Yamada
Contributed by: Sedai, the Japanese Canadian Legacy Project, Japanese Canadian Cultural Center


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