From Japan to Argentina (Japanese)

From Japan to Argentina (Japanese) Running a laundry service in Argentina (Japanese) Initial struggles with the language barrier (Japanese) Baptized by Perón (Japanese) The most memorable day of his life (Japanese) How he met his wife (Japanese)

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(Japanese) My uncle was already living over here, in Rosario. All of my people from Hirara felt that [if we were to migrate] it would be Argentina, because my uncle had been successful over here. He became successful, came back home [to Okinawa], and bought four houses in Naha City—he bought four houses in the center of Naha, and lived quite a wealthy life. It was 1934—we left the port of Naha for Kobe, and I believe we stayed there for one night. We took the “Rio de Janeiro-maru” (name of the boat), and when it made a stop in Brazil, they loaded up a whole bunch of bananas. There were four… no, eleven people, including my aunt, who came on board from Santos. We all took the same boat from Santos, passed by Montevideo, and arrived in Buenos Aires. Everybody came like that. We got off in Argentina. Some who went before us got off in Brazil, and later moved over [to Argentina], too. It took 45 days. We all came, just like that.

Date: November 28, 2006
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Interviewer: Takeshi Nishimura, Ricardo Hokama
Contributed by: Centro Nikkei Argentino

argentina migration

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