Luis Yamada

(b. 1929) Nisei Argentinean

His father, the pioneer of acupuncture in Argentina (Spanish) Decision to settle in Argentina after WWII (Spanish) Suffering in World War II (Spanish) Joined Japanese Imperial Army during the WWII (Spanish) Returning Argentina after the war (Spanish) Proud to be a Japanese desecendant (Spanish) A lucky man (Spanish)

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Luis Yamada is a Nisei born in Buenos Aires in 1929. His parents were immigrants who came from the Fukui province. As a little boy he traveled to Japan where he lived during World War II; afterwards he returned to Argentina. He was able to see Japan before, during, and after the war. Today he is the director of the Instituto Argentino de Paisajismo (Argentine Institute of Landscape Painting), one of the most prestigious institutes of its kind in Argentina. (September 18, 2006)

acupuncture health immigration food rations World War II Japanese Imperial Navy military navy yobiyose Japan earthquake

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