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Hirano,Paulo Issamu

Facing hardships in Japan (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) The first hardship I faced was the language, as you can imagine. In the …

Hirano,Paulo Issamu

Accepted by Japanese society as I learned more Japanese (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) In my early days in Japan, when I couldn’t understand Japanese, I think that …

Hirano,Paulo Issamu

My daughter’s identity (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) I let my daughter decide it. I don’t tell her that she is Brazilian …


My daughter couldn’t fit in Japan, so I decided to go back to America (Japanese)

Hachiro Ohtomo July 17, 2016

(Japanese) So I decided to go back to Japan for a while, and I did. …


Facing discrimination in America (Japanese)

Hachiro Ohtomo July 17, 2016

(Japanese) I don’t think people would ask me, ‘Can you do the job?’ if I …

Shikota,Antonio Shinkiti

Not too concerned about learning Japanese when he was growing up in Brazil (Portuguese)

Antonio Shinkiti Shikota October 19, 2016

(Portuguese)  My name is Antonio Shinkiti Shikota. I was born in Campinas [in the state …

Uchimura,Sawako Ashizawa

Kindergarten in Davao, Philippines

Sawako Ashizawa Uchimura July 12, 2017

I went to kindergarten in Nishi-Honganji when we were still in Davao, and the – …


How I started learning social work (Japanese)

Yoshiko Yamaguchi August 28, 2015

(Japanese) I was encouraged to go back to school and start something, so I first …

Fujioka,Robert T.

Grandfather raised in the hotel business

Robert T. Fujioka April 25, 2018

My grandfather was raised in the hotel business so he had to learn how to …


Requested assignment in Europe to avoid combat in the Korean War

Tom Yuki March 22, 2018

I graduated high school in 1953. Of course my father told me you’re going to …

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