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Working together in Okinawa using three languages

Michelle Yamashiro August 30, 2018

When we were in Okinawa, one thing that I think perfectly describes how confusing it …

Wasserman,Fumiko Hachiya

Family’s Japanese roots and values

Fumiko Hachiya Wasserman July 27, 2018

It is just part of me, I grew up with my grandparents – they were …

Wasserman,Fumiko Hachiya

Mother founded Japanese language school in neighbors’ backyard

Fumiko Hachiya Wasserman July 27, 2018

I went to Japanese language school. My mother actually founded the Japanese language school. In …


Her brother’s reasons as a No-No Boy

Mitsuye Yamada August 7, 2018

He had answered “No” to those two questions, because he said, “No, I’m a pacifist, …

Kataoka,Mitsuru "Mits"

Facing housing discrimination in Rhode Island

Mitsuru "Mits" Kataoka September 15, 2017

So they gave me a list of people who would take on students for housing. …

Fujie,Holly J.

Her grandfather was pressured to teach Japanese

Holly J. Fujie July 11, 2019

My grandfather was imprisoned and he was being pressured to agree to teach Naval officers …


His family Traveled to Japan in 1940

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

My father received words—through letter—that his father was gravely ill, and that he was not …


Adjustment to American life

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

We arrived in San Francisco okay. As we got off the ship, our parents found …


Immersed in Japanese culture and language

Jimmy Naganuma September 20, 2019

My older brothers and sister, they also liked the culture. They would buy magazines, records, …


His sister Kiyo was like a second mother to him

Kazumu Naganuma September 20, 2019

She's the one out of all of us that was the most outspoken. Outspoken in …

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