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Brother leaves for war, survival

Barbara Kawakami February 19, 2004

And at that time, when he came to pick up my brother, my mother never …


Doing chores

Barbara Kawakami February 19, 2004

All of us, she had assigned chores for us to do. My brothers had to …

Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Wife's family in Japan

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

Because I have no family here—I’m here by myself—I have more interaction with her family …

Yamano,Jane Aiko

New Year's food

Jane Aiko Yamano September 3, 2003

And I think that the Japanese Americans eat more Japanese food than the Japanese people …

Yokoyama,Wayne Shigeto

Food growing up

Wayne Shigeto Yokoyama November 13, 2003

My parents spoke Japanese to each other. My mother would speak English sentences with Japanese …

Yonamine,Wally Kaname

His parents' experience with Japanese resistance toward intermarriage with Okinawans

Wally Kaname Yonamine December 16, 2003

My father was Okinawan and my mother Japanese, what they call Naichi. And those days, …

Yonamine,Wally Kaname

Working in cane fields as teenager to supplement family income

Wally Kaname Yonamine December 16, 2003

Well, when I was 12, 14 years old, all the kids used to work in …


Iron discipline at home (Spanish)

Venancio Shinki September 6, 2007

(Spanish) My mother walked in the shadow of my father; she always had to do …


Relationship with my father

Pat Adachi October 21, 2004

My father started [inaudible -- problem with tape] what was Woodward's at the time, and …


Arranged marriage

Kimi Wakabayashi January 10, 2005

I*: Could you tell me about the experience about how the marriage was arranged? Marriage? …

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