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Her mother came to the U.S. with a group of picture brides

Mitsuye Yamada August 7, 2018

I remember her telling us a story about how she was on this ship – …


Her father bought her mother American clothes after she arrived from Japan

Mitsuye Yamada August 7, 2018

And so she arrived in Seattle. So I said, “What was the first thing that …


His family Traveled to Japan in 1940

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

My father received words—through letter—that his father was gravely ill, and that he was not …


Reuniting with parents in America

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

Probably around January of 1948, they told us that we had to return to United …


His views on nuclear weapons

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

I guess we were lucky in that ... or I was lucky in that I …


Grandfather migrating to Colombia

Monica Teisher September 22, 2019

They came to Corinto, Cauca, or I guess El Jagual, which was the community that …


Days I spent aching for Japan in tears (Japanese)

Haruo Kasahara June and July, 1991

(Japanese) I came to America in 1919. My father and mother were here. So they …

Naganuma,George Kazuharu

Trip to Japan as a Boy Scout

George Kazuharu Naganuma September 20, 2019

As a Boy Scout, we went to Japan, our troop went to Japan. We got …


Parent's immigration to Peru

Kazumu Naganuma September 20, 2019

He went there with, he said, hundreds of Japanese men on a ship, so that …


Checking in with Immigration once a month

Kazumu Naganuma September 20, 2019

When we came out of camp, we had to check in (immigration) every month. Every …

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