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Moving to and living in Japan

Vince Ota September 12, 2003

I didn’t come here with an intention to find my roots or anything like that. …


The reason to stay in Japan after his third year

Vince Ota September 12, 2003

Now, the reason I decided to stay after my third year is because, like you …


The various realities of Nikkei in Latin America (Spanish)

Roberto Hirose October 7, 2005

(Spanish) I think that the development of this thing called Nikkei has been somewhat distinct …


From the "middle" Nikkei (Spanish)

Roberto Hirose October 7, 2005

(Spanish) Well, I’m from the “middle” Nikkei, as I always say. We can say there …


Reasons for immigrating to Brazil (Japanese)

Michie Akama

(Japanese) The purpose of our immigration to Brazil… well, my husband is a graduate of …

Hattori,Paula Hoyos

The arrival of her grandpa (Spanish)

Paula Hoyos Hattori July 12, 2006

(Spanish) The story that really hits me is that of my grandfather who came [here …


Initial struggles with the language barrier (Japanese)

Ryoko Hokama November 28, 2006

(Japanese) [Learning the] language was the first thing. It was all about the words. For …


Decided to leave Japan to Argentina (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) After the war I was unable to go anywhere. Although Japan was occupied by …


Tango makes him to stay in Argentina (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) When I was thirteen years old and enrolled in school I had the opportunity …


Leaving to Argentina (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) I left from the port of Kobe, with forty-six days of travel on the …

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