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Choice to move east or go to Japan

Shizuko Kadoguchi February 14, 2005

The government said, I think United States and Canada knows Japan's gonna be... so before …


Coming to America

Seiichi Tanaka January 27, 2005

Always, I wanted to get out that small city, small town. Then my neighbor, right …


The reason for coming to Japan

Enson Inoue October 14, 2003

The reason why I came to Japan was because I had an offer to play …


Yobiyose system in Canada

Bill Hashizume October 29, 2005

Yobiyose, is, literally means "to call over," yobiyoseru, "call over." And there was this system …


Reason to come back to Canada in 1954

Bill Hashizume October 29, 2005

Well, it's much easier living here. Far better. Japan, although they lost the war, was …


Impressions from interviews with Issei women (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) So when they left Japan, for example, some of them were picture brides… like …


The differences between Japanese women who emigrated from Japan and those who did not (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) Around that time (1970s-80s), I was asked by newspapers, like Asahi Shimbun, to write …


Interest in Japanese migration studies (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) Back then, in Japan, when we learned about America—for instance, when we learned about …


History of her family's immigration (Spanish)

Mónica Kogiso October 7, 2005

(Spanish) Well, my father came to Argentina in the sixties. My dad ended up in …


Moving to and living in Japan

Vince Ota September 12, 2003

I didn’t come here with an intention to find my roots or anything like that. …

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