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Herzig,Aiko Yoshinaga

Results of being more American than Japanese

Aiko Yoshinaga Herzig August 26, 1998

I think, one of the disadvantages of trying to become so American was that—in my …

Herzig,Aiko Yoshinaga

Family separated in the camps

Aiko Yoshinaga Herzig August 26, 1998

My father became seriously ill, and I was notified that he was very, very sick, …

Sogi,Francis Y.

Visiting family in Japan

Francis Y. Sogi May 29, 2006

To the end of my term which was the Fall of 1947. During that time …

Kobayashi,Bert A.

Family first

Bert A. Kobayashi June 1, 2006

Well you know, they know…my wife and I always stress family is first and then…the …

Kobayashi,Bert A.

Being accepted as biracial family

Bert A. Kobayashi June 1, 2006

The anticipation of meeting people is more worrisome to me because her oldest brother got …


Memories of railroad workers who stayed at family's prewar hotel in Spokane, Washington

George Yamada March 15 & 16, 2006

And quite often, the workers would come in, and my mother was the one that …

Hattori,Paula Hoyos

Her interests in Japanese culture (Spanish)

Paula Hoyos Hattori July 12, 2006

(Spanish) I am Argentine because I was born here. But it is true that I …


Growing up with Japanese language and values

Margaret Oda May 31, 2006

We spoke Japanese, only Japanese at home and as I said earlier, I learned English …


Retaining Japanese customs (Spanish)

Roberto Hirose October 7, 2005

(Spanish) In my case, the truth is that I come from a family in which …

Hattori,Paula Hoyos

The memory of her grandfather (Spanish)

Paula Hoyos Hattori July 12, 2006

(Spanish) I got along well with my grandfather; he died when I was a little …

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