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Decision to settle in Argentina after WWII (Spanish)

Luis Yamada September 18, 2006

(Spanish) I believe that every nihonjin, or Japanese, wanted to [succeed in] America and then …


Returning Argentina after the war (Spanish)

Luis Yamada September 18, 2006

(Spanish) We were unable to leave Japan at all. But it [so] happened that after …


A lucky man (Spanish)

Luis Yamada September 18, 2006

(Spanish) When we were students in high school we went to Aichi Ken (prefecture), in …


Going to Brazil to escape debt (Japanese)

Shunji Nishimura

(Japanese) I graduated engineering school. My father owned a methane factory—he started a company that …


Treatment of Japanese Paraguayans during World War II (Spanish)

Emi Kasamatsu October 7, 2005

(Spanish) Initially, in 1903, the Paraguayan government passed a law barring black and yellow immigrants …


Inclusiveness of the first Japanese colony in Paraguay (Spanish)

Emi Kasamatsu October 7, 2005

(Spanish) That was the first Japanese settlement, which was founded by my father. In 1936 …


Nikkei contributions to Paraguayan agriculture (Spanish)

Emi Kasamatsu October 7, 2005

(Spanish) The immigration treaty was for agricultural workers. For people to become farmers. So then …


Leaving for the States without telling my parents (Japanese)

Yumi Matsubara March 1, 2007

(Japanese) It was 1992, so about 15 years ago I first came to this country. …


We go to America (Spanish)

Venancio Shinki September 6, 2007

(Spanish) My name is Venancio Shinki, and my maternal surname is Huamán. I am, therefore, …


Moving to Brazil wanting to see the world (Japanese)

Ryoichi Kodama

(Japanese) The reason I left Japan-well, my father was a vinegar maker. One day he …

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