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Strict school policy of separating boys and girls in Japan

Shizuko Kadoguchi February 14, 2005

I*: Tell me about the, the separation or segregation between boys and girls in the …


Marrying Bob against family’s wishes

Shizuko Kadoguchi February 14, 2005

My brother, my, not only the brother, sister, everybody was against marry to Bob, because …


Growing up outside of Portland’s Japanese community

Sam Naito December 8, 2005

One thing is maybe that’s a plus or maybe that’s a minus, but he (My …


Japanese musical education

Seiichi Tanaka January 27, 2005

This is a Japanese education. Music education is totally different. If you really want to …


Education in a Buddhist temple and a country school

Alice Sumida December 6, 2005

When I was 6 years old, my parents placed me in a Buddhist temple in …


Growing up in a Japanese American family

Enson Inoue October 14, 2003

My family was, we’re all Japanese American. So basically, my mother and father raised us …


Tracing my family crest

Enson Inoue October 14, 2003

I’ve already traced back to the city that I was from, or my roots were …


Family background

Toshio Inahara December 6, 2005

Initially, I was born in Seattle. I*: What year was that? In ’21. And we …


Driving 1930 Ford at age 12

Toshio Inahara December 6, 2005

My father had a bought a 1930 Model A Ford, 4-door sedan and you know, …


Post-war experiences in Lima (Spanish)

Alfredo Kato October 7, 2005

(Spanish) At that time I was still little, but it’s true that in the countryside …

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