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Growing up with both Japanese and American influences

Cedrick Shimo March 25, 2005

At home we spoke Japanese, as I say, my mother was a Japanese school teacher …


What I wanted to pass down to my children (Japanese)

Henry Suto June 17, 2008

(Japanese) Since they were young, I counted on my wife to raise our children. There …


Three important things learned from father

BJ Kobayashi June 1, 2006

Sure, there’s so much I learned from my father. But if I had to boil …


Losing his sister in camp

Jimmy Murakami June 29, 2012

She got leukemia, a form of leukemia that uh she had to be hospitalized. And …

Onchi,Toshiko Elena

The breakdown of the family structure as a result of the deskasegi movement (Spanish)

Toshiko Elena Onchi March 24, 2009

(Spanish) I think that ... the families that have come as dekasegi depend on jobs. …


About her father

Margaret Kuroiwa February 3, 2010

Oh my father was a typical Issei I would say. Number 1: he was super …

Todd,Kathryn Doi

On Getting the Call from J. Anthony Kline

Kathryn Doi Todd July 10, 2012

Well, I was thinking about the huge responsibility I had, you know…Well, I was excited …

Todd,Kathryn Doi

On Being a New Judge and a New Mother

Kathryn Doi Todd July 10, 2012

My daughter was born in 1975, so she was very young at the time. I …

Todd,Kathryn Doi

On Justice Todd’s Daughter, Mia Doi Todd

Kathryn Doi Todd July 10, 2012

People used to say to my daughter, “Oh, do you want to be a lawyer …


Family’s acceptance

Stan Sakai September 28, 2010

It’s a challenge, especially if you’re Asian, yes. Asians go into doctors, they become lawyers …

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