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Hoshiyama,Fred Y.

Becoming head of the family at age 8

Fred Y. Hoshiyama March 4, 2005

There are a couple things that I still remember, and still stays with me. One …

Hoshiyama,Fred Y.

Advice from his mother

Fred Y. Hoshiyama March 4, 2005

She said there are two things about life that she taught me from her background …

Hoshiyama,Fred Y.

Marriage and Family

Fred Y. Hoshiyama March 4, 2005

I did get married late. I got married when I was 34 years of age. …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Disrespectful Child (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) I was very aware that it wasn’t good to go with foreigners or Americans. …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Missing Home (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) In the beginning, I would often be in tears. I would remember something. May …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Regret (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) Regret for me was how I couldn’t be dutiful for my parents. It’s impossible …



Willie Ito August 26, 2015

I’m a San Franciscan, born and raised in Nihonmachi, or Japantown, San Francisco. I’m a …


His father didn't spend too much time with the family

Archie Miyatake March 22, 2001

He didn't spent too much time with the family. He was really, pretty 100%, into …

Hirano,Paulo Issamu

My daughter’s identity (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) I let my daughter decide it. I don’t tell her that she is Brazilian …


My daughter couldn’t fit in Japan, so I decided to go back to America (Japanese)

Hachiro Ohtomo July 17, 2016

(Japanese) So I decided to go back to Japan for a while, and I did. …

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