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Contemplating identity in Los Angeles

Mike Shinoda January 16, 2006

The question of, like, an identity or especially racial identity is something that always you’ll …


Spending summers in Los Angeles

Vince Ota September 12, 2003

When I was kid, having roots or contacts in LA, being on the east coast, …


Learning how to be a gardener

Lou Kitashima December 1, 2005

After the war, we moved here to L.A. where my father started gardening. A lot …

Shigekawa, Sakaye

Differences in discrimination

Sakaye Shigekawa March 31, 2005

The only time we got discrimination is when we went to medical school, cause…of course …


Working at the family flower shop, meeting Greta Garbo

Sumiko Kozawa May 24, 2011

In the early days, my mother used to go to the flower market. She used …

Horikiri,Edward Toru


Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

Edward Toru Horikiri. I was born in 1929, November 2nd, in Little Tokyo, at 305 …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

My father’s venture into the hotel business (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) After my father graduated from driving school, he went to work for a man …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

Working in America

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

First of all, my aunt's husband, my uncle, he was a big shot in a …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

Struggles with English (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) I came back and was working as an apprentice at my aunt’s friend’s place …


My daughter couldn’t fit in Japan, so I decided to go back to America (Japanese)

Hachiro Ohtomo July 17, 2016

(Japanese) So I decided to go back to Japan for a while, and I did. …

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