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Nakamura,Ann K.

Image of Americans

Ann K. Nakamura November 8, 2003

Their image of an American was Caucasian or non-Asian. So to meet an Asian American, …


Impression of Japan upon arrival

Yukio Takeshita September 11, 2003

Well, I think this was a terrible place when I first came here. But, I …


Experiences in Japan and its influence

Pam Kaji November 4, 2003

I find myself having to be more flexible and also be more humble to ask …



Steve Kaji November 4, 2003

As we grew up in high school in Hawaii, I would look at Japanese from …

Nakamura,Ann K.

Conflict between Japanese and Western culture

Ann K. Nakamura November 8, 2003

Around you, the Western culture says you should speak your mind. You should have your …

Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Grandmother's influence on decision to go to Japan

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

I think it's my grandmother that made me come to Japan. As I said, my …

Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Band-Aid realization

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

I have a friend who didn’t realize he was Japanese background until he put on …

Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Japanese influence growing up

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

Both my parents were working—and basically our grandmother raised us and brought us up. She …

Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Looking at your country from the outside

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

As I say, if you travel, and you meet the people, they’re all the same. …

Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Buddhism in America and Japan

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

We were brought up as Buddhists. And as I said, it wasn’t just religion. The …

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