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Watanabe,Margarida Tomi

Donating clothes to the Japanese interns (Japanese)

Margarida Tomi Watanabe

(Japanese) Well, the war began, and the Germans, Italians, and Japanese were put into half …

Kim,Young O.

Horrible pictures of war

Young O. Kim August 28, 1995

People don’t die real nice and pretty like in Hollywood pictures and what not, they’re …

Kim,Young O.

Near-death experience

Young O. Kim August 28, 1995

That’s when I was wounded in my right hand and I didn’t get back to …

Kim,Young O.

General Ryder’s faith in the 100th infantry battalion

Young O. Kim August 28, 1995

I think, yes, we were often used in difficult positions because they knew we could …

Kim,Young O.

Comfortable in combat

Young O. Kim August 28, 1995

Until World War II and until actual combat, I don’t think anybody really knows how …


Worked for the occupation force in Japan after the war

Henry Suto June 17, 2008

Well occupation force in Japan – that was…it was a wonderful thing that MacArthur did. …


Returning to America after the war (Japanese)

Henry Suto June 17, 2008

(Japanese) Now here’s a story about my returning to America… Since I had been a …


“A Low Tolerance For Injustice…”

Rose Ochi July 17, 2013

I think it's probably because I was interned, yeah. And, you know, my sister grew …

Biller,Francesca Yukari

Writing a novel on the 442nd

Francesca Yukari Biller April 4, 2013

Well I am writing a novel about the 442nd infantry where three of my uncles …


Deciding to come to America

Harunori Oda February 2, 2012

In Tokyo, a lot of American soldiers going around there then. And I look at …

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