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Prom during the war

George Ariyoshi December 15, 2003

I was sophomore when the war broke out. All of the sophomores, we had hardly …


Influence of veterans

George Ariyoshi December 15, 2003

The World War II, I think that made it possible for many of the AJAs …


Company in Tokyo burned down (Japanese)

Kazuo Funai October 14 & 17, 2004

(Japanese) Even if I want to go home, I can’t so it’s useless. There’s no …

Ariyoshi,Jean Hayashi

Day Pearl Harbor was bombed

Jean Hayashi Ariyoshi December 15, 2003

The day that Pearl Harbor was bombed. I remember I was walking to church on …


Japan vs. the United States (Japanese)

Kazuo Funai October 14 & 17, 2004

(Japanese) In Japan, someone named Lieutenant General Koike asked me, “What do you think about …


Not bringing shame to family

James Hirabayashi January 7, 2004

Of course we were raised in a Japanese American community, so that we were always …


Life in camp as teenager

James Hirabayashi January 7, 2004

When we got into camp, I only went home to the barracks room when I …


Past ties to present situation in Middle East

James Hirabayashi January 7, 2004

The government interpreted whatever they saw of the Japanese Americans, in terms of their framework, …


Being ordered to keep a diary that was later confiscated, ostensibly by the FBI

Robert Katayama August 12, 1995

We were instructed to keep diaries of our daily activities, including the boat trip from …


Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Barbara Kawakami February 19, 2004

While we were talking, we saw the Japanese plane with the hinomaru, the “rising sun” …

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