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Giant Robot, a stepping stone for young artists

Eric Nakamura November 27, 2005

I think for Giant Robot, again, we wanted to actually do more than write articles …


Role as an artist

Mike Shinoda January 16, 2006

My role is always changing as an artist and part of that is because I’m …


Taiko, an element that represents strength (Spanish)

Akira Watanabe September 14, 2007

(Spanish) In truth, we use diverse elements. Taiko is the most representative, and within our …


Emergence of Graphics in Gidra

Evelyn Yoshimura September 28, 2011

There was a Saturday school where some pretty famous African American artists used to have …


Thriving art culture at camp

Kay Sekimachi November 23, 2018

My younger sister and I took advantage of the free time we had there. Chiura …


On the process of making her leaf bowls

Kay Sekimachi November 23, 2018

Signe had put us onto this fellow by the name of Booker Morey who actually …


On the process of creating her Japanese paper bowls

Kay Sekimachi November 23, 2018

I love paper. Paper is beautiful, just in itself. I mean, you can almost hang …


From double weaving to microfilament “flat” hangings

Kay Sekimachi November 23, 2018

Trude taught us how to do double weaving. So I put a small sample on …


Marriage to Bob Stocksdale

Kay Sekimachi November 23, 2018

Yeah, well to describe Bob, he was a farm boy from Indiana, but he just …


Learning how to weave

Kay Sekimachi November 23, 2018

I was taken to the weaving room at CCAC I was captivated by the loom. …

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