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Life in camp as teenager

James Hirabayashi January 7, 2004

When we got into camp, I only went home to the barracks room when I …


Hiding what happened in camp

Yuri Kochiyama June 16, 2003

I remember when, when the first...one of the people in our Blo...I think he was …


Camp as a positive thing

Yuri Kochiyama June 16, 2003

Everything in camp could be a positive thing. Every person you meet, you know, that …


His father describes the importance of photographing camp life

Archie Miyatake March 22, 2001

After he got into camp, he called me and told me I have something to …


Involvement in JACL

Yukio Takeshita September 11, 2003

Well, I’m living here almost 60 years. Maybe for many years, I had no contact …

Matsumoto,Roy H.

Train ride to Jerome Relocation Center

Roy H. Matsumoto December 17 & 18, 2003

I just doesn't recall how long it take, but anyway, thinking about other things and …


442 soldiers visiting U.S. concentration camps

Richard Kosaki March 19, 2004

Dan Inouye tells the story of how he was in the 442nd at Camp Shelby. …


Receiving a negative reaction from father upon asking about World War II experience

Roger Shimomura March 18 & 20, 2003

I remember asking my father, once, What was that thing we experienced in camp? I …


Loss of happy-go-lucky adolescence in Puyallup Assembly Center

Frank Yamasaki August 18, 1997

During that period was there an experience I had that was very revealing to me. …


Memories of dusty conditions at Minidoka incarceration camp

Frank Yamasaki August 18, 1997

It was very, very dusty. The dust was powdery fine and if I recall, it …

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