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Lack of notion of citizenship in Japan

Yukio Takeshita September 11, 2003

Japanese people don’t understand about citizenship. Even if I say I’m a Japanese American, they’ll …

Bain,Peggie Nishimura

Getting citizenship back

Peggie Nishimura Bain September 15-17, 2004

Well, If you married an alien, you lost your citizenship, because all aliens -- especially …

Bain,Peggie Nishimura

Response to loyalty questionnaire

Peggie Nishimura Bain September 15-17, 2004

My parents didn't say very much, except that they said, What good is your citizenship? …


Citizenship and identity

Enson Inoue October 14, 2003

I don’t have any Japanese Americans friends that are here, but I do have friends …


Why I got my American citizenship (Japanese)

Yumi Matsubara March 1, 2007

(Japanese) It was due to my laziness. I could’ve just stayed with my Green Card, …


The reactions of others when I got my American citizenship (Japanese)

Yumi Matsubara March 1, 2007

(Japanese) Well my husband is American, and when I told my American friends that I …


Japanese wife with American citizenship

Peter Mizuki November 11, 2003

My wife actually has American citizenship. She was born in Boston. My father-in-law was teaching …

Shigekawa, Sakaye

No use in having citizenship

Sakaye Shigekawa March 31, 2005

My father was studying for it, but I said what’s the use, you won’t get …

Schneider,Jean Hamako

You can’t be loyal to two countries (Japanese)

Jean Hamako Schneider January 26, 2012

(Japanese) It was right when Nakako was born, so…it must have been around 1954, still …


The first garden he visited in the US

Takeo Uesugi August 10, 2016

I saw, first one was the tea garden in the Bay Area, yes, and the …

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