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Experiences in Japan and its influence

Pam Kaji November 4, 2003

I find myself having to be more flexible and also be more humble to ask …


His Memory of August 6, 1945

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

It was Monday morning, a bright sunny day, probably a beautiful day as I recall. …


Immediately after the bombing

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

I don’t remember anything. I didn't see the flash, I didn’t hear the boom. All …


Trying to get back into camp

William Hohri June 12, 1998

Well, my worst day occurred when I actually had left camp, and I tried to …

Matsumoto,Juan Alberto

Changes in the Nikkei Community in Japan (Japanese)

Juan Alberto Matsumoto September 22, 2019

(Japanese) Probably the events that had the biggest impact on the community in recent years …


Help from fellow Japanese (Spanish)

Venancio Shinki September 6, 2007

 (Spanish) I left the house and saw in the distance an old man with a …


Difficulty responding to the question "What are you?"

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

People come in—the pictures are usually pretty easy, people come in, they sit, I shoot …


Hapa as his primary identity

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

I was born in ’65, I was born two years before the laws went off …


Grandfather's arrival in the U.S., experiencing discrimination

Roger Shimomura March 18 & 20, 2003

And my Grandfather Yoshitomi had already immigrated to the United States. And he actually went …


Changing fortunes of "identity art"

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

When I first came out, when I first came out doing it, again, it was …

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