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Yamano,Jane Aiko

New Year's food

Jane Aiko Yamano September 3, 2003

And I think that the Japanese Americans eat more Japanese food than the Japanese people …

Yokoyama,Wayne Shigeto

Food growing up

Wayne Shigeto Yokoyama November 13, 2003

My parents spoke Japanese to each other. My mother would speak English sentences with Japanese …

Bain,Peggie Nishimura

Learning American cooking

Peggie Nishimura Bain September 15-17, 2004

There was a neighbor by the name of McDonalds, Mrs. McDonald was teaching us how …


Little contact with Asians growing up on the east coast

Vince Ota September 12, 2003

By the time I was about 9 or 10, I would go out every summer …


Memories of family dinners

Margaret Oda May 31, 2006

My dad had made this huge round table for dinner, you know, that we all …


Symbolic New Year’s foods prepared from scratch

Margaret Oda May 31, 2006

New Year was a special event. Every New Year’s—and I still do that myself. I …


Suffering in World War II (Spanish)

Luis Yamada September 18, 2006

(Spanish) So much suffering, so much bad blood, hunger, everything bad that could be found …


Appreciation of Japanese food

Peter Mizuki November 11, 2003

I think, mainly, it’s like the whole general atmosphere. I never…you don’t stand out here. …


Childhood shame for being Nikkei in Enumclaw, Washington

William Marutani August 27, 1998

Oh, I think there was a great deal of shame, not justified shame. I recall …


What Makes Japanese Cooking In Peru Interesting (Japanese)

Toshiro Konishi April 18, 2007

(Japanese) To begin with, there was no true Japanese cuisine. That’s the first point. The …

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