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Benefits of his multiracial background

Chad Morton January 6, 2000

I love being parts of two different cultures. I think it's just something special to …


Addressing multiracial identity can be difficult

Eric Morton January 6, 2000

People don't always -- like for me, people don't always know what my mix is. …


Gained appreciation of his multiracial heritage through participation in Nisei Relays

Johnnie Morton February 7, 2000

When I was younger I attended Japanese school on Saturdays, and I think that's when …


Early consciousness of identity

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

I became conscious pretty early, because I grew up in Covina, about a half hour …


Finding parallels through art

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

Well, I think any artist has the ego to think that what we’re doing is …


Refusing to use a Chinese name to identify as Asian American

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

I had hoped for one, that’s what I really wanted. And I think among those …


The Hapa Project

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

The Hapa Project is an idea I came up with about 10 years ago of …


Perceptions of uniqueness

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

One interesting story about the Hapa Project is that I would get people from very …


Defusing myths through The Hapa Project

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

It allows people to, hopefully, defuse some myths that may be about them. I think …


Difficulty responding to the question "What are you?"

Kip Fulbeck May 3, 2006

People come in—the pictures are usually pretty easy, people come in, they sit, I shoot …

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