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Little interaction with parents

James Hirabayashi January 7, 2004

When you ask me about my connections with my parents, at first, you know, when …


Experiences in Japan and its influence

Pam Kaji November 4, 2003

I find myself having to be more flexible and also be more humble to ask …

Yamano,Jane Aiko

Lack of language skills

Jane Aiko Yamano September 3, 2003

At that time, I think Japan was still used to “Foreigners just cannot speak Japanese.” …

Yamano,Jane Aiko


Jane Aiko Yamano September 3, 2003

Moving here, looking like a Japanese and not speaking it really felt strange. I think …

Yamano,Jane Aiko

Japanese are more accustomed to foreigners

Jane Aiko Yamano September 3, 2003

Because we look Japanese, but we really didn’t know the Japanese customs, the Japanese language…the …

Matsumoto,Roy H.

Difficulties understanding different Japanese dialects

Roy H. Matsumoto December 17 & 18, 2003

I am familiar with Hiroshima because everybody talked like that and I grew up with …


Teaching at the military language school during World War II

Richard Kosaki March 19, 2004

My Japanese was quite good in terms of writing and so forth. One of the …


Learning English upon discovering that family could not return to Peru

Art Shibayama October 26, 2003

At that time, Peru wouldn't take us back. They didn't want to take us back …


Playing baseball along with American Nisei and Kibei

Art Shibayama October 26, 2003

And then the other thing is when we went to Seabrook, we made our own …


Her early life in Canada

Kimi Wakabayashi January 10, 2005

I*: So when you came to Saskatchewan, how did you feel? Well, I forget but …

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