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Marrying Bob against family’s wishes

Shizuko Kadoguchi February 14, 2005

My brother, my, not only the brother, sister, everybody was against marry to Bob, because …


Impressions from interviews with Issei women (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) So when they left Japan, for example, some of them were picture brides… like …

Shigekawa, Sakaye

Never married

Sakaye Shigekawa March 31, 2005

Never thought of marrying, I was too busy to think about it. Really, I was …

Hoshiyama,Fred Y.

Marriage and Family

Fred Y. Hoshiyama March 4, 2005

I did get married late. I got married when I was 34 years of age. …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Four sisters had international marriages (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) Two older sisters, a younger sister and I - 4 of us ended up living …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Disrespectful Child (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) I was very aware that it wasn’t good to go with foreigners or Americans. …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Missing Home (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) In the beginning, I would often be in tears. I would remember something. May …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Regret (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) Regret for me was how I couldn’t be dutiful for my parents. It’s impossible …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

How she met her husband (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway September 17, 2014

(Japanese) My husband would wait for me at the train station from time to time. …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Public views on marriage with non-Caucasian (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway September 17, 2014

(Japanese) Even after I came to America I was asked the question. Issei old men …

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