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The day Pearl Harbor was bombed

Yuri Kochiyama June 16, 2003

When I drove to the main street, Pacific Avenue, I never saw this before, but …


Devastation in Tokyo after World War II

Richard Kosaki March 19, 2004

The devastation, well, we both saw it -- we saw it both in Manila and …

Matsumoto,Roy H.

Finding his relative among Japanese prisoners

Roy H. Matsumoto December 17 & 18, 2003

They're gonna have a war crime trial so since I was there, so therefore they …


Teaching at the military language school during World War II

Richard Kosaki March 19, 2004

My Japanese was quite good in terms of writing and so forth. One of the …

Sogi,Francis Y.

Awareness of concentration camps as a Japanese American

Francis Y. Sogi May 29, 2006

Yes, as I recall they came from the camps. Which ones I wasn’t too aware …


Joined Japanese Imperial Army during the WWII (Spanish)

Luis Yamada September 18, 2006

(Spanish) The majority of high school or college students had the tendency to want to …


Attempts to sign up for military service

Clifford Uyeda July 1-2, 1998

At first I thought, well, I would apply to the navy. But then the navy …

Inouye,Daniel K.

Father’s words

Daniel K. Inouye May 31, 2001

On the day I left to put on the uniform, he took time off which …

Kim,Young O.

Resisting transfer from Jerome

Young O. Kim August 28, 1995

When I, the next day, the battalion commander came in, maybe he heard that I …

Kim,Young O.

Appearance vs. Combat Effectiveness

Young O. Kim August 28, 1995

In the military there’s a very, very strong belief that if you polish your shoes …

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