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The performing arts not for Nisei

Mas Kodani December 3, 2004

When I came to this temple in ’68, it was the first Japanese American community …


Learning from and appreciating the Nisei experience

PJ Hirabayashi January 26, 2005

Thinking that the Nisei weren’t really addressing the needs of the community in such a …


Identity crisis (Spanish)

Mónica Kogiso October 7, 2005

(Spanish) Well, in my case, for example, in Argentina, above all among Nisei, identity has …


Nikkei vs. Nisei (Spanish)

Roberto Hirose October 7, 2005

(Spanish) As a kid I felt not just Nikkei, I felt Nisei. I distinguish between …


Generational Gap (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) For me it is easier to deal with the Nisei sansei because the Issei …


Need generational change in Japanese community (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) A new Japanese collectivity is emerging. The age of the Issei is over. Not …


Nikkei identity (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) The idiosyncrasies of the Japanese. The Nisei were born here. They came from their …

Moromisato, Doris

The myth of the sacrifice of immigrants (Spanish)

Doris Moromisato February 26, 2008

(Spanish) We’re a group that still believes we are immigrants. That is why we don’t …


An Opportunity to Learn more Japanese (Japanese)

Miyoko Amano April 18, 2007

In general, my parents only used Japanese at home, then once I married Amano it …


A Lifestyle Using Both Japanese and Spanish (Japanese)

Miyoko Amano April 18, 2007

(Japanese) My parents couldn't speak any Spanish at all, just enough to go to work …

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