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Terry Janzen August 27, 2012

At that time there was also the dust bowl and we were getting a lot …


Postwar school-life

Terry Janzen August 27, 2012

At the end of the war…right away we got more accepted because there were more …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

Boarding house life and the Issei (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) When I was learning gardening and working as a gardener’s helper at the boarding …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

The situation after the war (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) During the war, my father’s income was cut off, and his house was burned …

Schneider,Jean Hamako

Meeting Harry for the first time (Japanese)

Jean Hamako Schneider January 26, 2012

(Japanese) I had gone to Kamakura to undergo eye surgery. I had heard that there …

Schneider,Jean Hamako

On international marriages (Japanese)

Jean Hamako Schneider January 26, 2012

(Japanese) I used to work on the fifth floor of the broadcasting station, and his …

Schneider,Jean Hamako

Why I’m glad I immigrated to America (Japanese)

Jean Hamako Schneider January 26, 2012

(Japanese) If I had been in Japan at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to …

Ito,Susumu “Sus”

Coming home to his mother after the war

Susumu “Sus” Ito January 3, 2015

We were there over a year — I was so happy to get back. I still …

Calloway,Terumi Hisamatsu

Discrimination faced in San Francisco (Japanese)

Terumi Hisamatsu Calloway February 6, 2015

(Japanese) Upon arriving in San Francisco, we would go look for an apartment. But they …

Fukuhara,Jimmy Ko

After being discharged and returning to the nursery business

Jimmy Ko Fukuhara February 6, 2015

After my time was up, I went back to, well I was discharged in New …

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