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half enough


Welcome to the "Half Enough" column series. Thank you for your interest and for reading my pieces.

In light of the fact that this website aims to "promote cross-cultural understanding and foster greater linkages between peoples across the globe," I wanted to contribute to this cultural exchange through exploring American identity and discussing my own.

In the "Half Enough" series, I will write about my experiences based on my ethnic and cultural identity as a half Japanese half White female born in Los Angeles, California in the early 1980s. I will write about why I use the terms half and White in identifying myself; having a Japanese mother; having Jewish family on my father's side; living in L.A.; dating; the foods I eat, and more.

"Half Enough" is planned as a weekly column. Please share your comments. I will read them.

Thank you.

© 2006 Victoria Kraus

About this series

"Half Enough" is Victoria's first regular column series. Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of Discover Nikkei.