Kaitlin Findlay

Kaitlin Findlay completed her BA History (Honors) at McGill and successfully defended her MA Thesis at the University of Victoria in December 2017. Her thesis examines the Royal Commission on Japanese Claims, 1947-50. In her time with Landscapes of Injustice, Kaitlin has worked with the Government Records and Knowledge Mobilization clusters. She is the standing Chair of the Research Assistant Committee and editor-in-chief of The Scholarship and Activism Forum, which publishes monthly. Kaitlin is continually grateful for the support and mentorship of the LoI collective and the opportunity to contribute to this important work. In 2017, she completed a Co-op term at the Nikkei National Museum and will serve in a central position as research coordinator in 2018-19. 

Updated March 2019

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A Summer at the Nikkei National Museum

I spent the summer of 2017 in the Fuji Room at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC), along with fellow interns Nathan Yeo and Joe Liao. The three of us spent hours sorting through archival donations, housing them carefully and entering their descriptions into the museum database. We sat at the center of an accumulation of boxes and joked that we worked in the “Fuji Room Vault,” a second, unofficial archival storage area where collections manager Lisa Uyeda, our supervisor, stacked new donations as they came in. Lisa appeared to be caught in an unending ga…

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