Greg Kimura

Greg Kimura lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Sierra Nevada College. His poetry has been published in the Louisville Review, Rattle, Chrysalis Review, RE:AL and other publications.

Update February 23, 2006


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Nikkei Heritage

Remembered Valor: The 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bruyères

“The best troops are called upon to do the hardest fighting. Whenever a general finds himself up against a tough proposition he sends for the best troops he has…A man who is being shot at daily has a hard time recognizing it as a compliment when, dead tired, bruised and battered, he is called upon to make one more effort to risk his life another time—but it is a compliment, nevertheless.” —Colonel Sherwood Dixon, in a letter to 442d RCT Chaplain Masao Yamada, November 22, 1944 Sixty years ago, two major German supply lines ran to the western front in France. O…

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