Robert M. Horsting

Robert M. Horsting is an Oral Historian with twenty-plus years of experience producing and conducting video recorded oral history interviews of WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf War veterans. He has co-directed the nationally broadcast Documentary Citizen Tanouye. Conceived and co-produced the Emmy awarded, Witness: American Heroes (Aka: “Unknown Warriors of WWII”), also garnering a national 2012 Radio Television Digital News Association Unity Award and regional 2012 Edward R. Murrow Award.

He co-authored The Go For Broke Spirit books, produced Shadows For Peace speaker forums and stage productions honoring atomic bomb survivors, and serves on the Veterans Memorial Court Alliance Board.

Updated December 2022

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Virgil William Westdale Takes One Last Flight at 104

If you’ve ever found yourself looking for someone you’ve never met in a crowded setting, hoping to connect with another pair of eyes that are seemingly on the same quest, I suggest you turn around. Scouring a hotel lobby in Chicago with fellow Hanashi Oral History Program volunteers Richard Hawkins and Darrell Kunitomi, we were on the lookout for a Hapa (a Hawaiian term indicating someone of mixed Asian heritage, in this case half Japanese) World War II veteran. Turning 180 degrees to realize that we were standing back-to-back is how I first met Virgil William Westdale. He was…

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