Mirui Kiuchi

Mirui Kiuchi, originally from Osaka and an Economics student at Osaka Metropolitan University in Japan, currently resides in Toronto. He has taught extracurricular Japanese, and has also volunteered at various Japanese cultural festivals, conferences, and the International Student EXPO. He moved to Canada in April 2022 to work and study, and is passionate about spreading the knowledge of Japanese culture to the rest of the world. Due to his experience as a tour guide in Japan and his love for meeting people from a variety of backgrounds, Kiuchi aspires to work in business.

Updated December 2022

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Japanese Canadian Culture Through a Japanese Lens

MISSISAUGA — My name is Mimi, and I am an exchange student from Japan currently living in Canada. During my time in Canada, it has been interesting to see how Canadians celebrate Japanese culture. This summer, I volunteered at Japan Festival CANADA 2022 at Celebration Square in Mississauga. Japan Festival CANADA returned as a live in-person event for the first time since the pandemic on Aug. 20 to 21. The festival is the largest Japanese cultural event in North America, with traditional foods, live performances, and modern technology to experience and enjoy Japan. I was very busy duri…

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