Sarena Kuhn

Sarena Kuhn attends Los Alamitos High School. She enjoys learning, writing, and going on adventures. With a Japanese American mother and a Caucasian father, she is proud to be “hapa” and values the importance of preserving and sharing culture.  She has strong passions for literature and working with others. 

Updated September 2016

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3rd Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

Kumiko with Hidden Worlds

He strolled leisurely through the Japanese Village Plaza, squinting slightly in the light of a five-till-noon sun. Gone were the hustle and bustle of the weekend, replaced by the tranquil aura known only by a Tuesday morning in Little Tokyo. At the smell of fresh imagawayaki, his fingers danced around his wallet with indecisiveness. No, I came here for one reason. Reassured, he confidently strode through the doors of the market, making a beeline to a familiar shelf with the efficiency of a shopping pro. His eyes searched the area to no avail. It had to be here; it always was. He blinked in …

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2nd Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

Midori’s Magic

I shivered as I squinted my eyes, intensely focused on the many windows of the Miyako Hotel. There were dimly-lit rooms, rooms where I could distinguish animated silhouettes, rooms that were dark as the sky, but I still couldn’t figure out which window belonged to our room. Despite my concentration, this did little to diminish the cold that was creeping through my body and making my poor teeth chatter. No one had thought it fitting to warn me that a short sleeved t-shirt, capris, and a pair of beat-up slippers might not be the best wardrobe selection for our evening escapade. I couldn&r…

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